Denis Bourdon - Student at Telecom Grenoble, France -

Last update: November, 20th 2000
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 MySQLimportsXML is a GNU/GPL application which allows to create from a MySQL database skeletons of XML and also to import one by one in the MySQL databse XML documents that fits the skeleton generated. It is written in PHP (it works under PHP 3 and PHP 4).

 It can connect to only one database at the time, uses language dictionaries (in the "lang" directory, you can create your own dictionary ""). It is recommended to use a browser which includes an XML-parser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, or Netscape Communicator 6, not for its running, but to visualize the skeletons directly inside the browser.

 It was written for a database migration to MySQL via XML in order to reduce the amount of specific development.

Download here: .tar.gz format (9.53 Ko), .zip format (13.3 Ko).