Denis Bourdon -


December, 14th 2001

Christmas party at the COOP

 The finals were over for everybody, and it was high time we had celebrated Christmas. Everybody had to bring a liitle gift for a gift exchange.

 Emilie and Astrid:

 Tomaso and Nausica:

 Christina and Nausica:

 Emilie and... someone I don't know and I really don't want to know (is she crazy?):

 Uppest row, from left to right: Tomaso, Denis, Emilie. Middle row, from left to right: Fred, Daniel, Thomas, Barbara, Steven. Lowest row, from left to right: Christina, Astrid, Marta.

 Isabel was late... Take the picture again!

 Back at the coop (late...), let's take a picture of our beautiful bed...

 Now, let's watch "Sliding Doors" (the pizza is late...)