Denis Bourdon -


UCLA and Westwood

 This is Royce Hall, the main hall of the campus, on Dickson Plaza:

 And the Powell Library (just front of Royce Hall). It's like my second home (no kidding!), the best place to study and I just have plug my computer on the network to be able to telecommute everywhere!

 Wilson Plaza and the Janss Steps (my favorite place on the campus):

 Kaufman Hall (on Wilson Plaza):

 The Powell Library (in the background):

 One of the buildings of my department, Henri Samueli's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, commonly called SEAS:

 What about leaving the campus and walking around Westwood. Here is a wall painting about the attacks of September 11th:

 The Fox theater, where most of Hollywood's blockbusters premieres take place:

 The most popular store in Westwood? Anyway, I often go there...