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  Daniel Johns has used a lot of different stuff since the beginning of silverchair. First of all, for the recording of Frogstomp, he used both Gibson Les Paul and Gibson Firebird for double-tracking; he sometimes played on a Gibson Explorer for concerts. His mains amps were Marshall JCM 900.

  During their first tours after Frogstomp, Daniel discovered Page Hamilton's guitars - Helmet's guitarist, one of his fave band: Paul Reed Smith Guitars. He owns a red/orange one (in standard tuning most of the time) and several green ones (one was owned Page Hamilton who traded it in at Paul Reed Smith and Daniel bought one from there, and they offered him that one; it's the one uses in the video for Israel's son), a black one, a silvery one (all in Drop-D) on which he put stickers; they seem to be Mc Carthy models. He began using Soldano amps.

  For the recording of Freak Show, he mainly used his PRS guitars and a Gibson SG. On the video Out Takes ans Miss Takes, he plays on a lot of guitars, especially Fender...
  His strings are D'Addario 11-52 and his picks are white triangular Tortex (2 millimeters).

  His guitar sound hits a Boss Chromatic Tuner, then a Cry Baby volume/wah pedal; he uses a multi jack pedal that is linked for his distortion pedals (a Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff Pi Distortion and Boss Hyper-Metal) Hendrix Edition Blue Circular Flanger Stomp Box (he used to have a Boss Flanger instead), Gretch Super Chet Phaser (with built-in compressor), Electro Harmonix Chorus, Boss Digital Delay DD-5, Boss Equalizer. In studio, he used all sorts of amps, mainly Soldano and some Mesa Boogie stuff. In concert, he nowadays uses two Soldano Hot Rod 100 heads (one for clean sound, one for distortion) with four customised Marshall 4x12 cabinets.

  While touring to promote Neon Ballroom, he uses a black Les Paul Custom tuned in Open Db and his green "People suck" PRS in Dropped-D tuning, and a red Gibson SG in standard tuning. As for the amps, he uses his customized Marshall amps and also 4 Marshall Vintage Classics cabinets 1960.
Thanks for their help to Nate and Greg.

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