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l'Olympia, Paris
April 12th, 1999

Set list:
Emotion Sickness
Israel's Son
Abuse Me
Pure Massacre
Ana's Song (Open Fire)
Suicidal Dream
Dearest Helpless
Point Of View
Paint Pastel Princess
Miss You Love
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000
Encore: No Association

Impressive. Really impressive. I must say that silverchair show at l'Olympia in Paris has been the best show I have ever seen.

The concert hall is one of the most famous of Paris, and it usually stars French traditional artists, so it's very exceptional to see a rock band like silverchair playing there (although the Stereophonics will play in one or two weeks). I was with a few friends and we had a good time (cheers Stéphanie and Dorothée!!).

Even while queuing before the show, French fans were already excited; one or two guys were jamming in front of l'Olympia, and we could see and talk with Fuel 238's singer.

His band started playing at 19:45, sooner than scheduled, and their rock was very energetic. They played about half an hour, and the audience was enjoying them. Then, with Noémy, we decided to go deep into the mosh pit to enjoy sc. We looked back and saw an Australian flag.

After twenty minutes pause, the Taxi Driver music began, and silverchair appeared. Daniel was wearing a shirt with a tie, and it made us think of Smashing Pumpkins' leader, Billy Corgan. Ben was half-naked, Chris had his golden bass, and Sam was on the edge of the stage, very discreet -- we didn't hear a single note from his keyboard! Daniel started Emotion Sickness with his black Les Paul Custom -- I can't tell you if it was in dropped-D one half step down or not. This version was quite heavy compared to Neon Ballroom, but I have to say it's an epic song. The audience was already singing a lot because once again, we had had the opportunity to have the new album for one month.

Then they fell into their anthem, Israel's Son. The contact between Daniel and us was already very tight.

We managed to reach the second row, just in front of Daniel who took his green "People Suck" PRS for Slave, and Abuse Me, two Freak Show hits. Then they played a good version of Pure Massacre.

Then the show turned another way: there was a pause, Daniel got his red Gibson SG and he seemed really enthusiastic, pleased, and he sang Ana's Song (Open Fire) with a lot of emotion. This song is one of the newest which are excellent live. Then came Suicidal Dream, and the public was singing so loud, Daniel was delighted! And then a surprise: Dearest Helpless, my new favorite song in terms of lyrics. And Point Of View really kicked ass -- I think this one is the best Neon Ballroom songs. Paint Pastel Princess allowed us to rest a little -- the mosh pit was hell! I was a little disappointed with this song, but I like its rhythm, which is not the classical 4, but some parts are 7/8 and it sounds normal. Only Soundgarden had managed to write songs with these rhythms and make it sound like a traditional rock song, but now silverchair does it as well.

Madman, as usual, really kicked the mosh pit.

Then Ben, Chris and Sam left the stage and Daniel sang Tomorrow, or rather he let us sing it -- it was the highlight of the evening. The atmosphere was incredible. Really. There were no drums, but nevermind, we clapped in rhythm with him. At the end, he said, "You're a hit here in Paris" or something like that.

Miss You Love was another very good live new song. During The Door, Daniel and Chris were so close at times, kind of dancing, smiling together, they really seemed to enjoy the crowd!

Daniel asked us to sing the usual "scream" the audience uses to call a band (oh-oh oh oh-oh). I think it may be done in other countries as well. Then Ben started playing the drums in rhythm with us, Chris followed on the bass, and Daniel finally improvised some lyrics to it. Ben and Chris were looking at each other, very happy due to our reaction (this improvisation is called "soccer"; go to the MP3s to download the song).

Then Freak was another highlight, I had never seen Ben kicking his drums so harshly. During this song and the three or four previous ones, a woman recorded the crowd with a video camera from the edge of the stage.

And during the final song, Anthem For The Year 2000, we sang with Daniel "we are the youth" almost 20 times before he began singing the lyrics. Hardly had they left the stage than we called for them again.

Ben came back on stage with the video camera. He asked us to say "Bonjour Ben" and it was funny. They played just one encore, No Association.

silverchair undoubtedly played their best gig in Paris on this night. Their enthusiasm and happiness were really enjoyable for us fans. Daniel was always dancing, beating the rhythm with his arms, walking along the stage, talking with the audience -- and counting in French from 1 to 10, introducing himself and the band in the French language.

silverchair kicks ass. Come back soon to Paris!

All the photos are courtesy of Laure BOUCHET, Lauren ESPIE and Isabelle SEMBELY.

silverchair orchestral tear clash-flow

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